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  5. IELTS Speaking Topic: Getting lost

IELTS Speaking Topic: Getting lost

1. Một số câu hỏi mẫu trong kì thi IELTS Speaking

2. Một số từ vựng Topic Getting lost

scooter xe tay ga
dire consequences hậu quả thảm khốc

Freak out

khiến ai đó trở nên kích động

Calm oneself down

giữ bình tĩnh

Memory/mind like a sieve

Đãng trí, hay quên, có trí nhớ kém

Safe and sound

Bình yên vô sự

Be on one’s last legs

mệt tới mức sắp đổ gục

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3. Các câu trả lời mẫu  – Sample answers

 IELTS Speaking part 1

1. Have you ever got lost?

This is embarrassing but it has happened many times before. The reason is I have a very bad sense of direction, plus a bad memory, so you can imagine the struggle when it comes to finding my way around the city.

Answer 2:- No, I have never lost my way because I have never travelled much. But I remember an incident while we were doing hiking at that time one of my friends lost his way. He took a break and sat for having snacks, and because of this reason, he lost his way, and it was very difficult for him to find us. He also shouted and asked for giving some signs so that he could track us back, but he was unsuccessful.

2. How can you find your way when you are lost?

An easy solution is to use navigation apps on my phone such as Google Maps. However, I absolutely advise against using it while riding a scooter as a lot of people do in Vietnam because it could lead to dire consequences. Another approach could be to pull over and ask people around the area for direction.

Answer 2:- If I am lost, firstly, I will ask somebody to show me the way to catch up with my friends. Secondly, I will try to contact them even then if I feel that it is difficult for me to get back to them, I will just walk and look around for clues like shapes of the shoes in which they are going, and with the help of it, I can make a decision or a guess and continue my journey to find them.

3. Can you read a map when you get lost?

Definitely. I think being able to navigate using a map is an essential survival skill, which I conveniently picked up from playing video games as a child.

Answer 2:- Yes, I can read the map, and I am quite a quick learner. Even if I can’t remember, I will definitely learn it and trackback my way to the final destination. I can be a good navigator with the help of a map and good in a direction so that it will be very easy to find my way back.

4. Have you ever helped someone who got lost?

I certainly have, but I only do this when I’m 100 per cent sure of the directions that I’m about to give the person. Otherwise, I would just be honest and tell them to ask for help from someone else.

Answer 2:- Though I have never come across this scenario as I have mentioned previously, one of my friends was lost while we were on a hike. He called me, and I gave him the direction like come towards sout and take your left and guided to him back to us. If that cannot happen, I will mark with something like a clue for them through which they can find their way.

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